Graphic, Explicit, Taboo, MM, Friends, Older/Younger, Ganged, Straight to Gay

It was the end of summer, and a world of erotic desire was opening before me. It was a time where my lust for older men seemed to know no bounds. My attraction to the sexy new Professor at my college and the resulting anonymous encounters grew into an insatiable hunger.
At the heart of it was the fantasy that the straight, intellectual Professor Altman might be swayed to indulge in a physical exploration of his current research project.

Steve, my best friend, was leading the charge, encouraging me to educate the older, handsome man. Every touch, every kiss, every thrust—we indulged in our young lust while I planned the seduction of my unwitting professor.

I don’t know why I wanted him so badly—maybe it was his daddy energy. I craved the way they looked, the sound of voice, deep and throaty. I longed to have him take control.

For Steve and me it was a game. We were young and wild, enjoying each other with abandon—anywhere we could find a secluded spot to explore each other’s bodies.

But my desires didn’t stop with Steve. Something else called to me. As I indulged in my professor’s anonymous interviews regarding what it’s like to be a young gay man, I found myself growing more and more infatuated. Professor Altman, that handsome straight daddy who captured my heart from day one, was driving me crazy.

It started with me detailing my sex life. The promise of anonymity gave me courage to spill it all—my trysts with my best friend, his brother, his father, the neighbors, the hot cop who lived on one side, and the mean daddy who lived on the other. The words tumbled out: my obsession with older men, their bodies, their voices, their needs…

And so, continues this sordid tale of passion where I find myself torn between my best friend and a daddy crush, all while navigating the dangerous game of secrets between professor and student.

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  1. Ive read all the Like Father Like Son and want more in the series, and Under construction, please tell me your writing more in these series?? Im reading true blue now but cant get Brandon and Richard out of my head. Please tell me theres more, I love your books their so juicy 😋

    1. Hi Adele, so glad to hear from you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories. Yes, more of Under Construction and Like Father Like Son are on their way. I kind of got sidetracked with other characters and stories, but have come back to these two series as a major focus. I’ve been thinking about doing some more True Blue. Writing is slow work, and I’m always torn between writing about new characters and revisiting some old friends. I’ll be posting links on here as I publish. Thanks again for the kind words!

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