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Graphic, Explicit, MM, Older/Younger, Age Gap, Group, Forced, Daddy

Join Richard, a construction worker, father, and a sexually conflicted man grabbling with his newfound desires. He’s struggling with needs he’s not fully comfortable with and seeks solace in the seclusion of the family cabin. Little does he know, his son Brandon has already caught the attention of a group of masculine older men who seem bound and determined to make Richard’s introspective weekend anything but quiet.

As soon as they meet the chemistry between him and those outdoorsy, able-bodied men is palpable, leaving them all with unquenchable cravings. As if that’s not enough, Carter, his other son, arrives with the smoldering Alex, and the seductive tension between older and younger ignites. A torrent of forbidden temptations are now on full display in a place that was supposed to be a sanctuary from such things.

What unfolds is lustful and gritty anything goes, fueled by needs for domination and submission. The dynamics between older men and younger men are fully explored.

A story of sweat-soaked bodies, group encounters, and taboo lust intertwine in an unforgettable weekend of extreme encounters.

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