Graphic, Explicit, M/M, Buddies, First Time, Secret Crush, Friends to Lovers, Straight to Gay

In the small town of Willow Springs, life revolves around college football, corroded iron, and suppressed desire. Jake, a closeted college student, treasures each moment spent with his childhood friend and secret crush, the alluring all American boy and athlete, Charlie. Together they are heading home in Charlie’s cherished seventies Camaro, taking the twists and turns on the winding Route 52 after a victorious football game. As the sun dips, the unexpected happens.

Suddenly their world is turned upside down.

Then it goes from bad to worse and Jake finds himself having to do something he’d never thought he’d do.

Now, trapped in a desperate situation, Jake discovers the bonds of friendship can transcend even the most difficult of situations.

Dredging into the murky waters of self-discovery, both men navigate the breadth of their bond, revealing inescapable truths and desires neither can ignore.

Experience the surprising tale of ‘After the Game,’ a story of passion, confusion, and life-altering choices—unfolding within the confines of a vintage Camaro.

A captivating journey of desire, and the fear of losing it all pushed into uncharted realms as two men come face to face with their true selves.

Will the promise of a forbidden love flourish, or will the patriarchic norms of their small town destroy any hope of a genuine connection between two young men?

Bound by almost two decades of bonding and shared history, can they overcome the difficult situation they find themselves in?

Can their friendship weather the storm of forbidden love and hidden secrets in this coming-of-age tale of self-discovery and shattered secrets?

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