His Secret Slave


Just uploaded a new short story. It’s about a young guy who becomes infatuated with his older married neighbor. Yeah, I seem to have a thing for older married men who live close by. I guess it’s cuz I’m lazy, lol.

Here’s the blurb:

“In the heart of suburbia, two neighbors share a secret that transcends the walls of their elegant homes and the boundaries of their seemingly ordinary lives. Bound by a mysterious pact and a pair of enigmatic rings, they are drawn into worlds they never dared to imagine—realms of arcane knowledge and forbidden desires. As they delve deeper, they find themselves ensnared in a web of attraction and fear, captivated by the allure of the unknown yet terrified of what it could cost them. They stand on the precipice, caught between the life they know and the abyss that beckons them. Can they resist the pull of the darkness without unraveling the fabric of their lives? Or is the gravity of their secret too powerful to escape?

A tale of temptation, mystery, and the complexities of the human heart?

Hell no! A raunchy tryst between two married men who’ve decided they like a little man on man action to end the week.

Still, let’s explore the magnetic pull of the forbidden and the lengths they’ll go to keep it a secret.

In his own words…

I’ve always considered myself straight. Not once have I thought about another man as other than a buddy or competition.
Then I met Don, an older, dominant man who lives just a few houses away from me.
My wife doesn’t know.
No one knows.
It’s just me and Don in his basement, once a week, doing things neither of us thought we’d ever do.
It’s our little secret.
One that could tear our worlds apart.
But we can’t enough of each other.
We can’t stop.
I don’t want to.
Even if he’s straight.
Even if he has a wife.
Even if it’s wrong.
I need more of him.
I need more of his dominance.
I just need more…
“I’m gonna be late,” I say, as I head for the door.
I’m going to be more than late.
I’m going to be His Secret Slave.

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